Family History Goes High Tech

It is estimated that 50 million Americans are researching their roots. They come from various walks of life, economic levels, ages, religions, races, and from many professions. For some people, it is a hobby on which they spend a few hours a month. For others, it痴 an obsession. Either way, they all share a common bond of seeking information about people who came before them.

In the past few years, resources devoted to genealogy have exploded on the Internet and in the marketplace. One of the more notable products is Family Tree Legends 5.0 by Pearl Street. This commanding and highly-developed genealogy program is designed to make is easy for you to collect, display, and organize information about your family history.

In addition to capturing your notes, medical facts, pictures, and multimedia files in one easy application, the new version also:

Lets you share CDs and DVDs of your data with friends and family. You can even distribute it with a free version of the Family Tree Legends software.

Allows synching of GEDCOM files to your handheld device.

Provides you with a Correspondence Tracker which can track all your correspondence with other researchers in one convenient linking manager.

Utilizes Smart-Matching Technology which can compare the names in your files to those in a GenCircle Pedigree database. Some product reviewers boasted a 100% accuracy rating using the Smart-Matching feature.

Family Tree Legend 5.0 provides free email based-technical support and has received the Family Tree Magazine痴 Five Star Rating. If that still has you straddling the fence, consider the Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that Pearl Street Software provides with their products.

Special offers provided from the manufacturer allow you the opportunity to purchase a standard version of the software for only $29.95. The 殿ll-the-bells-and-whistles premium version costs approximately $79.95. Seems like a bargain for a colorful, easy to use, well-designed program which can house your files and pictures in one convenient location.

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