Self-improvement statistics guide in decision-making.

Statistics shows that about 75% of the people working today are unhappy with their current jobs. One reason is that their talents are wasted because it is not applicable for their current jobs.

That痴 just one problem. You might have unreasonable demands placed upon you. You have to work really long hours to get anywhere. The paths to promotion may be blocked. You can稚 get to where you want to be because of the view that people have of you, your experience, or your performance in the job.

Maybe a little self-improvement will help you out with that problem. You should know how to appreciate your job if you want to succeed in life.

If you are always late to your job, maybe it will become the reason for your termination. Why don稚 you try to wake up early or if you池e always experiencing traffic, try to find other route. Self-improvement of your habits will help you succeed.

There might be criticism leveled against you that isn稚 just. There could be too much politics or backstabbing, you have to grease the right palms to get ahead. The job may just not be what you expected. You were promised one thing, but it turned into something else.

One thing that you should do about backstabbing is always retain your temper at the right level. Don稚 try to argue with your officemates of it will be another reason for firing you.

You have to get to the root of what is causing your unhappiness about where you are and what you池e currently doing. The easiest way is The Five Whys. Ask, 展hy? five times.

徹h, I知 not happy. Well, why? 釘ecause I got passed for a promotion. Why was that? 釘ecause they didn稚 value the project I was working on. Why not? 釘ecause management changed and they changed the objectives. Well, why was that? You really sort of drill down to the root cause and find out what the problem really is.

Once you decide that you need a change - that's where the real fun begins. How to go about finding a new job or change careers completely.

There痴 another way of looking at, the Top Ten Signs That You Need a New Job. It痴 a bit like a Letterman Top Ten. They池e a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there痴 a bit of truth in all of them.

10: You池e outgo exceeds your income. You just need more money.

9: The most rewarding thing you did this week was sharpen all 12 of your pencils to the same length.

8: You池e reluctant to be a Career Day speaker at your kid痴 fourth grade class.

7: Everyone in your workgroup got a raise except you.

5: You were late for work three times this week, but you don稚 care.

4: There痴 a meeting at 3:00 to talk about the upcoming reorganization, but you池e not invited.

3: Your boss keeps forgetting your name.

2: You constantly daydream about being a forest ranger.

1: Your company was recently acquired and you spent two weeks worry that you壇 be laid off. After that, you worried that you wouldn稚 be.

Remember, finding a new job nowadays is really hard. So, before you decided to look for another job, always resolve your problems with your current job. Self-improvement will really help you in that.

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